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A modern line of ceramic washbasins, with the possibility of wall mounting, or directly over the sink bases of Iguazu series or Lounge (no handles) equipped with doors, drawers or big drawers sink base unit available in all lacquer finishes, in wood or wood effects. Lengths washbasins 60,70,90,100 and 120cm, depth 45 cm.

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Ceramic top L.120x45 cm with two sinks. Chromed brass taps Alfa Slim model. Bathroom cabinet with a large drawer 120 cm long, made in "matrix" laminate Oak White
Hanging ceramic top L.120 cm. Gray Oak laminate furniture 180 cm length, composed of three items to 60 cm. REVERSO wall cabinet H.80x20x20 cm
Top view of the bathroom composition 175cm long, lacquered glossy gray sand, composed of: mirror 100x60 with LED 2 lamp, hanging ceramic sink model NO LIMIT 100x45cm with overflow hole, unit with drawer length 100cm, height 30cm, depth 45cm and wall unit H 120 x 40 x 22
White ceramic washbasin L 90 cm Washbasin unit H 40 with two drawers shiny black lacquered. Glossy white lacquered shelves
Bathroom furniture length 180 cm in "matrix " laminate rosewood color, composed of: polished edge mirror H 80 x 60cm with LED 2 lamp, ceramic washbasin NO LIMIT 70 cm. Iguazu unit with basket H 30 cm . White lacquered side shelf and wall cabinet height 120 x 40 x 22 cm
Bathroom grey Oak length 180 cm consists of: 2 polished H 90 x 42 wire mirrors with LED 1 lamps 2 white ceramic sinks length 60cm - 2 bases with basket H 40 cm length 60 cm in grey oak and wall unit REVERSO H 140 x 20 x 20 grey lacquered
Side view of a composition in Oak gray length 180 cm consists of: 2 taps ALFA SLIM polished chrome - 2 ceramic sinks NO LIMIT 60 x 45cm 2 bases with basket H 40 cm length 60 cm in gray oak and REVERSO wall unit H 140 x 20 x 20 gray lacquered