Lounge LAM & STONE

LAMINAM , is a surface of high technological and aesthetic levels with exceptional performance in construction, furniture and interior design. Perfect flatness, high resistance to scratching and wear, inimitable effects that last beyond the floor and wall, you can also opt for bathroom furniture.  Sink, top and furniture entirely in LAMINAM, with sizes, solutions and finishes that you prefer.

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Top view of the top with integrated basin entirely made in LAMINAM. Scratch-resistant surface and antibacterial extremely easy to clean with any product, as chemically resistant. LOUINGE modular furniture with basket and drawers, with opening push - pull system, without handles for extreme minimalist design.
LOUNGE furniture lenght 180 cm with SLIM 60 38 ceramic sink leaning on the top. Top, units with big drawer and drawers in LAMINAM porcelain stoneware. Scratch-resistant surface, antibacterial, chemically resistant, easy to clean, coatings normally used for bathroom and kitchen walls, civil and commercial flooring as well as for covering the exterior facades self - washing in prestigious building.
Exclusive how elegant bathroom furniture collection LOUNGE LAM, with top and integrated basin entirely made in LAMINAM color "oxide nero". Minimalist lines combined with high-performance materials, virtually eternal.
Luxurious bath room with panoramic city view. Wall cladding and hanging top in LAMINAM "oxide moro" colour. Leaning above the top is the ceramic sink SLIM 60 38 model . The wall units furniture are made with finishing materic panels "PLAMKY" white colour. Paper holder, towel holder, toilet brush holder and soap dispenser in white Steel are of the Q-line collection
ten are the colors aivable of LAMINAM
Set of bathroom furniture with sink in "STONE" white color, with textural surface effect orange peel. Modular furniture LOUNGE made with panels of "Plamky" with the same texture effect of the sink. Drawers and doors with push - pull opening system. Shower tray STONE perfectly matched to the sink.
Original setting of modular range LOUNGE with important bathroom furniture with double depth and double-height, achieved with "Plamky" finishing panels with the surface orange peel effect. The top " STONE " sand coloured , with large built-in sink also with texture finish orange peel effect
STONE sink slate colour with texture surface orange peel effect. LOUNGE furniture made of slate-colored panels with texture effect similar to the top. The shower tray is made of " STONE" effect in perfect combination with the sink
Five are the available colours of the sink STONE with material surface orange peel.
Five are the colors of the PLAMKY panels to match with the top, with which make the cabinet
IGUA3 ground floor cabinet H.86 W.80 in white matt with 3 drawers